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EU, NGOs and Gender Equality Council Discuss an Action Plan for 2021

The Gender Equality Council of the Parliament of Georgia has presented an action plan for 2021 to civil society for feedback and further cooperation. A workshop organised by WECF Georgia with the financial support of the EU was dedicated to draft main priorities and cooperation areas between the Parliament and Civil Society in terms of gender equality and women’s economic empowerment in particular.

EU and WECF discuss the opportunities of ratification ILO Convention 190 by Georgia

WECF Georgia organized the high-level virtual conference on “Strengthening national measures to end sexual and gender-based violence in work environments" in Tbilisi, December 8, 2020.

WECF Georgia Begins New Project on Indoor Air Pollution

This month, WECF Georgia is kicking-off its new project, Clean Air for Children, that aims to tackle indoor air pollution in public kindergartens and schools, focusing on three regions in the country.

Monitoring the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Georgia

WECF Georgia organised shadow report presentation and discussion on the Sustainable Development Goals implementation in Tbilisi, 3 July, 2019.

Project on water and sanitation conditions in Abasha and Akhaltsikhe municipalities promotes safer conditions for all, starting with sustainable toilet solutions

The project "safe and sanitary conditions for sustainable development in Abasha and Akhaltsikhe municipalities” has helped 15 families build a modern urine-diverting dry toilet with the support and collaboration of WECF Georgia, the Greens Movement / Friends of the Earth, and Akhaltsikhe Social Development Center.

Georgian energy cooperatives featured in new Friedrich Ebert Stiftung study

Georgian energy cooperatives and Director of WECF-Georgia, Anna Samwel, were featured in a new study entitled "Energy Transition in South East and Eastern Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia" by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation last December in 2018.

Implementing Agenda 2030 in Georgia: Where Are We Now?

Georgian Government, international agencies, civil society and the private sector join hands to promote gender equality as one of the key aspects of sustainable development agenda.

Violence Against Women and the Importance of Women's Economic Empowerment

Rural Communities Development Agency (RCDA) within the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign hosted the round table discussion “Violence against Women and Economic Development” organized by EUMM Mtskheta in cooperation with WECF/Georgia, TASO Foundation and RCDA.

Workshop for gender-sensitive energy cooperatives’ women ambassadors in Georgia

Two workshops were conducted by WECF, the local cooperatives - “Charte Mze” (turn on the sun) and “R_Cleen Energy” and took place in Khoni on 7th and Khobi on 8th of April, 2017. The aim was to build capacity of RE ambassadors on the topics gender sensitive energy cooperatives, women’s participation in decision making process, gender quotas and ways of product marketing.

A Gender Sensitive NAMA

The Austrian Environment Agency and WECF International, in cooperation with Georgian partner organisations Greens Movement and CREDO Bank, and with support by the Government of Georgia, have submitted a proposal for a NAMA Support Program to the NAMA Facility, in October 2016.

Energy Cooperatives in Georgia

Film is about how works one of the energy cooperative in Ivandidi, Khoni.

Georgian Energy Cooperatives joined forces and created umbrella cooperative for a more effective Gender Sensitive Energy Transition

WECF and partners organised workshop on Energy Cooperatives and Solar Technology in rural Georgia

Workshop on gender-sensitive Energy Cooperatives in Georgia

The workshop conducted by WECF, Belgian energy cooperative Energie2030 and GREENS Region took place in Khoni from 9th to 11th of July. It was about successful management of energy cooperatives, business models and ways of product marketing.

Training for female cooperative members

The first day of the workshop on gender-sensitive Energy Cooperatives in Georgia from 09.07.-11.07. was a training for female cooperative members.

Agenda for upcoming Workshop on gender-sensitive Energy Cooperatives in Georgia

We are looking forward to a workshop on gender-sensitive Energy Cooperatives in Georgia conduct by GREENS Regions and WECF from 9th–11th July. The agenda for the workshop can be found here.

Please, vote for our NAMA-project!

WECF is presenting its ‪‎Energy‬ and NAMA project in Georgia for an award contest organized by the French Ministry of Environment-Platform '100 projects for the Climate'.

CLEEN coordination meeting in Batumi

Civil Society organisation from Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Armenia shared successes, restults, lessons learnt and ongoing issues

Regional EECCAA meeting in Batumi on our Women2030 project

WECF organised the regional meeting of the Women2030 project in Batumi, back to back with the 8th Ministerial Environment for Europe Conference Georgia. A central part of the meeting focusses on gender-responsive implementation of the SDGs, including tools and existing practices.

Project Start-up of Women2030 in Nairobi

Partners from around the world gathered last weekend in Nairobi, Kenya, for the exciting initiation phase of the project Women2030. Georgia is also one of the project countries.

Recommendations to the Georgian Government

The Greens Movement of Georgia and a Coalition of Partner Organizations published Recommendations to the Georgian Government

Milestone gender and environment report from UNEP shows gender should be at heart of sustainable development

UNEP, together with report partners including WECF and Global Forest Coalition (GFC) launched a new and pivotal report, “GGEO – Global Gender Environment Outlook”

UNEA2: Wastewater is a Global Concern, But Also a Huge Potential Resource

Day 1 of the UNEA-2 conference started off with WECF's successful side event called “Towards a Circular Economy through Sustainable Management of Wastewater and Re-use”, which had over 90 delegates participating. Rostom (RCDA) presented our UNEP-project from Georgia.

Women2030 project start-up meeting in Nairobi following UNEA-2

The Women2030 global project, funded by the the European Commission’s International Cooperation arm (DEVCO), is holding a project start-up meeting from 27th – 30th May 2016 in Nairobi, immediately following the Second Meeting of United Nations Environment Assembly

Presentation of WECF's gender-sensitive NAMA at UNFCCC

After the Paris Agreement the Bonn Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC) intends to set a course of action for mitigating climate change. WECF will take the opportunity to present its Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) in Georgia in a seminar about gender-responsive climate policy

UNEP highlights WECF project in Black Sea on new homepage

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) lists the WECF project in Georgia on their new homepage as a "Success Story".

UN honors WECF

The United Nations acknowleges the gender sensitive impacts of our NAMA project in Georgia in their latest publication.

The importance of women’s initiatives to address water and sanitation problems

WECF participation in Regional workshop on achieving equitable access to water and sanitation

Highlights of CLEEN in 2015 – A review in pictures

After the launch of our CLEEN-Project in Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia and Moldavia in January 2015, our partner organizations have done a lot of activities to achieve their goals. Let us have a review about the present results

EWA partner meeting

Reflection of “Empower Women – benefit (for) All” (EWA) project and evaluation

The importance of solar energy for women

Four renewable energy cooperatives will be developed in Georgia, in which women will be the essential actors

Greens Region's staff meeting for CLEEN start-up

Staff of Greens Region met in Khoni to discuss the start-up of the CLEEN project.

Field visit to SEMA and Green Energy in Chardakhi

The team of WECF|Georgia and Katharina Habersbrunner (WECF Germany) visited SEMA's resource center in village Chardakhi. This resource center is also the place of production for solar water heater of the newly established energy cooperative Green Energy (Mtsvane Energia).

Field visit to CLEEN partners in Kutaisi and Khoni

In order to ensure a good cooperation field visits are undertaken on a regular basis. During this visits partners are coming together, information are exchanged and project sites inspected.

3rd Workshop on Energy Cooperatives in Georgia

In Misaktieli, Mtskheta was a third workshop on energy cooperatives conducted. Until now four energy cooperatives are established in Georgia with support from WECF|Georgia, Katharina Habersbrunner from WECF Germany and local partner organizations.

German partner organization atmosfair posts article on WECF's project in Georgia

The German organization for sustainable travelling Atmosfair recently posted an article on WECF´s project for clean energy in Georgia

WECF’s ‘CLEEN’-Project in the race for an EUSEW Award

CLEEN, an implementation and networking concept, with which CSOs and further important multipliers are trained and supported to expand their network in 4 project countries (Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, and Ukraine) in order to raise awareness and ensure citizen participation in energy efficiency and renewable energy

Reducing the use of hazardous pesticides in Georgia

Forum book of the 12th International HCH and Pesticide Forum, Kiev 2013 now available

Water, Sanitation and Gender Equal Development

International conference organised by WECF and FOE Georgia in Tbilisi gave concrete examples for gender equal local sustainable development projects

Georgian Prime Minister praises WECF’s NAMA project

In his speech at the COP21, Georgian prime minister Irakli Gharibashvili mentioned the important work that WECF has done to mitigate climate change in his country

"Towards fossil-free, safe & affordable energy"

Secure, affordable and fossil-free energy supply is one of the big challenges for everybody. This was the outcome of the international energy conference organised by WECF and Ukrainian CSO NECU

Training on developing WSP and using a portable laboratory

A training about developing Water Safety Plans (WSP) for small-scale water supplies in Georgia