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Women’s Labor Rights - A handbook for Trainers

This handbook is designed for trainers who intend to teach women labor rights to employers, municipal employees, and women’s rights NGOs.

Topic: Gender and Rights
Language: Georgian

It is broken down into two sections: practical applications and theory. The theoretical part explores international labor standards, local contexts, and major causes of gender inequality in the field of employment and methods of combating it. The practical application section provides exercises, tests, and a policy document that can help organizations take steps to reducing inequality in the workplace. This handbook has been produced with the assistance of the European Union, within the framework of the project – JOB EQUALITY: Equal, Inclusive and Safe Work Place in Georgia. “Women Engage for Common Future - Georgia” is the sole responsible party of this content and does not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union. This effort is a part of a two-year project to advocate for equal pay, a safe working environment, and the elimination of gender-based discrimination, which is implemented by the Women’s Fund in Georgia, in partnership with Women Engage for a Common Future Georgia (WECF Georgia), Kvemo Kartli Media, and Organization for Rights and Education.
You can download the study here in English,

and here in Georgian (ქართული ვერსია)

Author: Raisa Liparteliani, Vice President of Georgian Trade Unions Confederation

Illustrations: Grapevine marketing agency