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Presentation of WECF's gender-sensitive NAMA at UNFCCC

After the Paris Agreement the Bonn Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC) intends to set a course of action for mitigating climate change. WECF will take the opportunity to present its Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) in Georgia in a seminar about gender-responsive climate policy

After many years of negotiating, advocating and compromising the Conference of the Parties (COP) reached in Paris in November 2015 a historic agreement. This achievement is of crucial importance to finally mitigate climate change and set the course for a new energy policy. However, it is now essential to convert the spirit of Paris into real action.

Therefore, the Bonn Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC) takes place from May 16th-26th. It aims to operationalize the Paris Agreement and turn intended nationally determined contributions into public policies. During the 10 days many presentations, discussions and seminars will be held to exchange ideas.

WECF participates at the conference and will use the opportunity to present at May 18th our gender-sensitive NAMA (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action) in Georgia. It consists of the implementation of 11.500 energy efficiency stoves, house insulations and solar water heaters. To develop the NAMA, WECF collaborates with sustainable energy cooperatives in 5 Georgian regions with the aim to fight climate change and ensure environmental sustainability while promoting renewable energies and gender equality. We believe that its special approach can serve as an inspiration for other projects to integrate gender-sensitive aspects in order to achieve holistic sustainable results. The UN honored our work in Georgia recently in a publication that discusses guidelines and other tools for integrating gender considerations into climate change related activities.

On account of this, Anna Samwel, our main project director, will present our project during a UNFCCC workshop on gender-responsive climate policy.

Place:  World Conference Centre, Room 13, Bonn
Time:   May 18th,10:00 -13:00