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UNEP highlights WECF project in Black Sea on new homepage

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) lists the WECF project in Georgia on their new homepage as a "Success Story".

The pollution of Georgia's 310 km coastline with the Black Sea became since the 1980es a severe problem. Insufficiently treated sewage waters, infiltration of animal manure and land erosion, resulting in microbiological contamination as well as eutrophication poses a threat to public health. Illnesses related to bad hygiene and water quality, such as diarrhea and hepatitis A, are widespread in the area. The Black Sea pollution has also greatly harmed Georgia’s touristic industry.

On this account, WECF implements in cooperation with RCDA (Rural Communities Development Agency) a project to minimize pollution in the Black Sea and to raise awareness for safe resource oriented solutions
UNEP, the United Nation Environment Programme, is the project's donor and honored our work now on their new website as a success story.

Our project is presented within the "Gender"-section of the homepage as it highlights especially our gender sensitive approach. For instance, in our trainings on the construction, operation and maintenance of urine diverting dry toilets the majority of participants were women. Same applies for trainings on household composting.

WECF is very thankful for UNEP's project reference as a "Success Story" and regards this as an incentive to continue working hard on issues like water pollution.