UN honors WECF - Women in Europe for a Common Future






UN honors WECF

The United Nations acknowleges the gender sensitive impacts of our NAMA project in Georgia in their latest publication.

Since February 2014, WECF implements in Georgia a NAMA-project (National Appropriate Mitigation Action). In cooperation with civil society organizations, the Georgian government and other stakeholders, WECF installs 10.000 solar collectors and 10.000 energy efficient stoves in 5 regions of Georgia. The project is based on a gender sensitive approach - and on account of this it was mentioned as a model example by the UN.

The latest publication of the UN Framework Convetion on Climate Change discusses guidelines and other tools for integrating gender considerations into climate change related activities. Within the scope of NAMA-projects the report responds in detail to our case study that we conducted in Georgia.

The publication appreciates our efforts for equal participation of women and men from the target regions in the course of the project, including planning and concept development. It also remarks the focus of our NAMA-project on enabling women equal access to decision-making processes. Additionally, the UN highlights our financing mechanism that was designed with a special focus on access to finance for women in rural areas. 

Read here the full report (Points 67-71 focus on WECF's NAMA-project)