"Towards fossil-free, safe & affordable energy" - Women in Europe for a Common Future






"Towards fossil-free, safe & affordable energy"

Secure, affordable and fossil-free energy supply is one of the big challenges for everybody. This was the outcome of the international energy conference organised by WECF and Ukrainian CSO NECU

The International Energy Conference on Nov 18th - organized by National Ecological Centre of Ukraine – NECU and Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF) – presented ways for a decentralized, safe and renewable energy supply in the EECA countries.

The approach and the results of the  EU-Energy-project “Switch to the Sun – Live in Comfort” showcased local solutions. The project conducted by WECF and its 16 partners in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Russia, contributed to wellbeing and economic prosperity of the local communities for everybody, for women and men, for youth and elderly people. The presented Ukrainian national policy for energy efficiency and renewable energy-support schemes showed the needs of further legal framework and the public participation.

Successful examples of energy democracy with cooperatives could be presented from Ukraine, Georgia and Germany.

All project partners and participants from EU-Delegation, embassies, energy agencies and press agreed that public participation can contribute to the acceptance of the major energy challenges and to their positive resolution. Moving on with energy transition towards fossil-free, safe & affordable energy supply the role and support and participation of civil society is a crucial success factor.