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Greens Region's staff meeting for CLEEN start-up

Staff of Greens Region met in Khoni to discuss the start-up of the CLEEN project.

Greens Region is a subgrantee of CLEEN project, who received new grants of the CLEEN grant making programme.

The project of Greens Region is aiming to eliminate the most important energy efficiency problem in rural regions of Georgia, through NGOs and CBOs based activities like enhanced dialogue and cooperation with local authorities and awareness raising of local population on the example of Khoni and Tskhaltubo regions. Project staff will actively participate to establish the CLEEN network and in related activities in order to increase their organizational capacities.

In order to raise awareness of various target groups on energy efficiency in Khoni and Tskhaltubo regions, project staff will organize two awareness raising seminars with representatives of high officials from local and regional authorities. Furthermore, two newsletter articles will be published in local newspaper / existing social media sources and one training on insulation will be carried out in target areas. For the development of energy efficiency measures, project staff will analyze regional budgeting scheme regarding energy costs and energy efficiency and will elaborate related recommendations for Khoni and Tskhaltubo regions. The memorandum of Mutual Cooperation will be signed with the municipalities of Khoni and Tskhaltubo, where two round table meetings will be organized in each municipality regarding elaboration of Energy Efficiency Strategies in their regions.

Greens Region also plans to work with schools in the field of education to raise awareness of school children on insulation and energy efficiency including through excursions.