3rd Workshop on Energy Cooperatives in Georgia - Women in Europe for a Common Future






3rd Workshop on Energy Cooperatives in Georgia

In Misaktieli, Mtskheta was a third workshop on energy cooperatives conducted. Until now four energy cooperatives are established in Georgia with support from WECF|Georgia, Katharina Habersbrunner from WECF Germany and local partner organizations.

This was the third workshop on energy cooperatives in Georgia organized by WECF. All three workshops were attended by representatives of EthicFinance, Greens Movement of Georgia / Friends of the Earth Georgia, RCDA, SDCA and SEMA.

The first two workshops in November and December 2015 gave an introduction in the functioning of energy cooperatives in Germany and how they could be introduced in Georgia. Discussions were particularly about possible business models for Georgian energy cooperatives. The idea of these cooperatives is to make renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency accessible to a broad public while also strengthen the citizen participation.

After the second workshop four energy cooperatives were established:

  1. Charte Mze (Switch to the Sun): supported by Greens Movement of Georgia, located in village Ivandidi, covers Khoni and Martvili districts
  2. Green Energy (Mtsvane Energia): supported by SEMA, located in village Chardakhi
  3. R-Supta Energia (R-Renewable/Clean Energy): supported by RCDA,  located in village Khamiskuri, covers Khobi district/ Samegrelo region
  4. Tskruti Energo: supported by SDCA, located in village Tskruti, covers Akhaltsikhe and Borjomi districts

The current tasks are the development of marketing strategies, organizational development and improvement of technologies in order to give a proper guarantee for e.g. 5 years.

A fourth workshop is planed for end of June or July.