Going Dutch visits a WECF project in Armenia - Women in Europe for a Common Future






Going Dutch visits a WECF project in Armenia

Going Dutch travels around the world, visiting projects of Dutch NGO’s for each of the 8 Millennium Goals. This time, Going Dutch visited a WECF project in the village Sverdlov for Millennium goal number 3: equality of men and women.

WECF has made several big changes to the sanitation structure of the village. By installing large water basins, and putting women in leading positions ( like in the village water commission), the position and quality of life  of women in the village has gotten better. Next to that WECF has installed an ecosan toilet for the school, so girls don’t have to go home during break times to use the bathroom.

Now that water is more easily accessible,  the demand for hot water is getting higher. WECF is installing solar panels on the roofs of some of the houses. This reduces the cost of gas and electricity, gives people acces to hot water, and is better for the environment. The Going Dutch project is carried out by Beyond Borders Media with the aid of  theEuropean Journalism Center Fund 

Beyond Borders Media: beyondbordersmedia.com

This project is being carried out with support of the European Union, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and World Vision.