WECF and partners developed training module on Construction, Use, Maintenance and Monitoring of Solar Collectors - Women in Europe for a Common Future






WECF and partners developed training module on Construction, Use, Maintenance and Monitoring of Solar Collectors

This is a collection of materials to be used for the training 'Construction, Une, Maintenance and Monitoring of Solar Hot Water Collectors' according to the 'community training programme' by certified trainers.

Topic: Energy and Climate
Language: English

WECF and partners have developed a training module on the Construction, Use, Monitoring and maintenance of Solar Water Heaters that function as a guideline for the training in English, Russian and Georgian. 

The module contains all didactic materials, descriptions of participatory methods and steps needed for conducting the training. The goal of this training is to build capacity of interested local people and CSOs on the issue of solar water heaters within a timeframe of approximately 4 days in a participatory, gender-sensitive and inclusive manner. The training also aims at showing the benefits of the use of solar collectors to raise general awareness of this new technology. The training briefly addresses business possibilities for the participants after mastering construction and monitoring skills. After the training, participants with the right background knowledge should be able to construct a solar water heater, and/or to maintain and monitor it. 

The module should only be used by one of the 20 certified experienced trainers from Georgia and Ukraine, who have been trained by WECF to work with this module and are experienced in construction and/or monitoring. They usually work in pairs of a male and a female trainer. The male trainer covers the construction part, while the female trainer works on maintenance and monitoring. In case any other organization is interested to use the materials for a training, it is highly recommended to contact first WECF or a certified trainer. Experience in the past has shown that both the construction and the maintenance parts requires more technical skills and knowledge than can be described on paper.

In the annex is a guideline for participatory community mobilization co-developed by CDE that can be used when working in a new community, to gather information on the energy situation and raise awareness among the local population on the possibilities of improving their energy situation.


Download seperate chapters and modules (English)


Introduction to the Solar Collector Training Module

0. Training programme

1.1 Guidelines for Use

1.2 Exercises for Training

1.3 Solar Contruction Guide

1.4 Assignment Collector

1.5 Assignment Drawings

2.1 Why solar energy for heating water?

2.2 Certification

2.3 Introduction to Gender

2.4a Gender in Georgia

2.4b Gender in Ukraine

2.5 Basics of the Solar Collector Theory

2.6 Safety at Work

2.7 Different Types of Solar Collectors

2.8 Soil Filters

2.9 How to avoid common mistakes

3.1 Instructions for Monitoring

4.1 Structure of the business module

4.2 List of Materials for business module

4.3 Exercise Business Plan

4.4 Business Module_ Exercise Capital

4.5 Business Module_ Exercise Competitor Market

4.6 Business Module_ Exercise Market Segmentation

5.1 Evaluation Form Maintenance

5.2 Evaluation Form Construction

6.1 Certificate Construction

6.2 Certificate Maintenance