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Energy Cooperatives in Georgia

Energy cooperatives make renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency accessible to a broad public while also strengthen the citizen participation

Countries: Georgia
Donors: AuswärtigesAmt, European Union, GLS Treuhand, “Elektrizitätswerke Schönau”(EWS) and RAJA Foundation
Partners: EthicFinance, The Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth Georgia, RCDA, SDCA, SEMA

Energy cooperatives:

Four community based groups have started the formation of gender sensitive energy cooperatives as a way to finance Solar Water Heaters in rural areas of Georgia. The groups are based in resource centers in Khobi, Khoni, Akhaltsikhe and Mtskheta and have been trained extensively to construct, install, maintain and monitor Solar Water Heaters and small insulation measures by the EU funded project ‘Switch to the Sun, live in Comfort’.

The resource centers are looking for ways to become economically sustainable and to offer energy efficient and affordable solutions to a broad citizenship. They are supported by WECF and its partners The Greens Movement of Georgia/ Friends of the Earth Georgia, RCDA, SDCA, SEMA and EthicFinance, who conducted four workshops on setting up energy cooperatives in Georgia. Some of the partners have participated in a study visit to Germany on Energy Cooperatives in 2014.

More information about Energy cooperatives can be found in the Flyer and Fact sheet about cooperatives.

Four workshops have been conducted on gender-sensitive energy cooperatives in Georgia (08.-10.11.2015; 15.-16.12.2015; 30.03.2016; 09.-11.07.2016, for more details see related news). During these workshops, the idea of energy cooperatives in Georgia was promoted; the registration processes supported; statutes, business models, fundraising opportunities and marketing strategies developed; as well as experiences and problems exchanged. The last workshop also included a training for female cooperative members.

Four energy cooperatives were registered after the second workshop:

1. Charte Mze (Switch to the Sun): supported by Greens Movement of Georgia, located in village Ivandidi, covers Khoni and Martvili districts

2. R-Green Energy (R-Mtsvane Energia): supported by SEMA, located in village Chardakhi

3. R-Supta Energia (R-Renewable/Clean Energy): supported by RCDA,  located in village Khamiskuri, covers Khobi district/ Samegrelo region

4. Tskruti Energo: supported by SDCA, located in village Tskruti, covers Akhaltsikhe and Borjomi districts

During the workshop, a check list of steps to follow for cooperatives have been done.

WECF and partners have been preparing a gender sensitive, community based National Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) on sustainable rural energy in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. The Energy cooperatives can play a key role in supplying the planned 15.000 solar water heaters, stoves and insulation measures, and carry out a part of the MRV.

The workshops took place in the frame of the project ‘Switch to the Sun, live in comfort’ and WECF, RCDA, EthicFinance and a board member of the German Energy Cooperative ‘Bayern Energie’ were the main facilitators. The activities are carried out within the frame of the projects: ‘Workshop on energy cooperatives in Georgia’ and ‘Switch to the Sun – live in Comfort’ and is funded by the ‘AuswärtigesAmt', the European Union, the GLS Treuhand and the German provider of green electricity “Elektrizitätswerke Schönau”(EWS) as well as the RAJA Foundation.


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