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WECF is a foundation, officially registered in 1994, that is focusing on gender issues and the environment. Today there are three coordinating offices: in Utrecht, the Netherlands; in Munich, Germany; and in Annemasse, France. Furthermore there is a country office in Switzerland coordinated by the French office and one in Tbilisi, Georgia coordinated by the Dutch office.

WECF|Georgia was officially registered in the beginning of 2015 and works as a branch office of WECF international from Tbilisi to support project implementations in the South Caucasus region. Current partner organizations are listed here. WECF Georgia has the same vision, mission and goals as WECF international.

The philosophy of WECF is to enable the local network members to conduct demonstration projects and policy advocacy themselves with support from WECF, whether a local, national or international level, thus giving a space and voice to women and marginalized groups at the policy table. This approach of combined advocacy and project work proved to be successful and has become one of the strengths of the WECF network.

WECF focused its project implementation historically on the European region as well as Caucasus and central Asia, bringing lessons learned to international policy processes. Since 2010, WECF has added an international division, Women International for a Common Future (WICF), implementing projects with partners globally, and opening memberships to organisations worldwide. Currently, WECF International has over 150 member organisations from 50 countries globally, and projects being implemented with partners in Africa, Asia, Caucasus, Central Asia, Latin America, Southern and Eastern Europe and the EU. All 150 member organisations share a common concern to promote a healthy environment for all, strengthen the role of women and promote a gender and rights based approach in environment and sustainable development policy and implementation.

WECF/WICF has 40 part time staff members and collaborates with strategic partners from the Women’s Major Group. To learn more about the Governance of WECF click here .


Our Vision: A Just and Healthy Planet for All

We envision a world in which gender equality has been achieved and all women, men and children live in dignity, and share responsibilities for a healthy environment, and a just and sustainable world.


Our Mission: Bringing women's priorities and leadership equality into policies and actions

Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF) is an international network of over 150 women’s and civil society organisations implementing projects in 50 countries and advocating globally to shape a just and sustainable world; our Common Future


 Our Overall Goal: Achieving an Equitable and Sustainable Future

We strive for balancing the environment, health and economy, taking the different needs and perspectives of women and men into account. We enable women and men to participate at local and global levels in policy processes for sustainable development. Our network’s activities are based on our partners’ own visions and needs. WECF implements solutions locally and influences policy internationally.


Our Overall Strategic Objective

Build capacity of women’s and civil society organizations to promote and advocate for gender-responsive sustainable development policies, to monitor and analyse policy implementation and participate in policy development, to mobilize citizen’s support and demonstrate best practices for local and regional equitable, inclusive and environmental sustainable development, with a focus on the national Post-2015 implementation plans, and the Climate Action Agenda 2015-2020 and providing monitoring input at the global policy level through the Women’s Major Group on the SDGs.